Sufis, Sages and Saints!

One of my mentors, (Mr. Natarajan – affectionately called Natarajan Uncle or Nat Uncle by most of us) recently authored a book which explores Spirituality, Sages, Saints & Sufis and attempts to unveil the mystery over mysticism and mystics. I have had the privilege of obtaining a draft of the book closer to completion and have been asked to review the book and give feedback about it. It is for the very reason, I’m posting a pdf copy on the blog and urge you all to give it a read and give valuable comments, suggestions etc. The author’s profile is listed below:


Natarajan, 61 Author, Electronics Engineer and an ARM CHAIR Spiritualist.
After searching for close to twenty years in understanding Spiritualists, Spiritualism and the Universe, decided to sharing his learning through his wrting a book.

His earlier works were on the theme Science of Good Living….

The published works are:

Zen Stories in – Tamil
Where is God ? in Tamil
Now books ready for the press:

1. My Dear Son Part I
Forty five stories on different themes that can guide to peaceful and happy life)

Ready in Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi along with illustrations.

25 old stories with a twist and turns – retold.
Tamil and English

We were told very useful stories with messages . When we heard the stories we did not have the knowledge about the world, no messages were lost.

Now We are connecting the theme of those selected few stories to real life. So this story would be useful for both grownups as well as children/

3. Sufis, Sages and Saints!
How and Why they become one?
What powers they acquire?
What all they learn?
Can we bypass all the penance that they do and become one powerful person ourselves?
The secret of Brahma
Secrets of the Universe.
English and Tamil.

Those who have deep pockets, see a business opportunity or like serving a social cause
through assistance can chip-in to bring these books to the stand.


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