Shiva Sutras

This is the commentary on Shiva Sutras by Acharya Rajneesh or Osho as he is popularly known. Probably the best reading you will ever come across, written with incisive wit and typical Osho humor thrown in. I have given a link to the e-book in Pdf
The Great Path (Shiva Sutras)


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  1. Liberalism is filled with hypocrisy like that, accusing everyone else of “selfishness” while you selfishly live high off the hog and tell everyone else to sacrifice. Where I grew up, in WA, everyone lived in nice houses on a reasonable amount of land with good cars that they drove everywhere, but these people have the nerve to say that everyone else needs to ride mass-transit and live in tall towers in apartments slightly smaller then they are, and to talk about how “guilty” they feel about “not doing more for the environment.”

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