Dakshinamurti Stotram

Dakshinamurti is believed to be an incarnation (Avatar/manifestation) of Lord Shiva; He is well remembered as a young saint with a profound presence around Him. Although observing silence most of the time, seekers would find answers to the most abstruse Advaita concepts by just being in His presence. Below is a nice stotram (hymn which is not bound by any prescribed intonation – “sruti” as it is called in Sanskrit.) composed by Adi Shankaracharya which extols His teachings on Advaita and expresses profound gratitude for leading us to the Truth.
Dakshinamurti Stotram



Aaj sunli Praveen Anahat vani!
Dupki, prem sagar main khoob mari;
Aa baras pada Amrit Jal
Dhrud, dheeraj ke bal, milega jaroor phal!


The visible, withers away over clime,
the perceived, later;
What remains is beyond time..
 why then do you falter?
And not focus your efforts on the sublime..
       – Nithyanand Praveen 

The Hill

There was a hill in my town,
existing, from the beginning of dawn.

Few tread its path,
for, tall & steep it was.

To one low pocket, I climbed,
with effort & rhyme.

Breathtaking, the view,
Tranquil, the breeze blew.

As I pondered to move further,
A voice from the top beckoned – “come hither!”.

“Find here the freedom, you have long sought!
Regret it – you will not!

I can guide your way to the top,
But you can only get there, if you don’t stop!”

Saying thus, HE came down, My Master,
Only that, I may get there faster!

The Mind

Observe with care and you shall find,

Past, present & future – are the three states of the mind!


Vacillating forever between the three,

The mind commits a treachery unknown to thee!


By linking buried memories of the past

And anxieties the future cast,

It brings forth fear and depression, which can last!


Realize this and let not your mind torment,

Center your being completely in the present moment!


Do not fall for its mockery, O prudent one!

Says my Master, the Enlightened One.