112 techniques of becoming enlightened – Shiva Sutras in English

“Make things simple, but no simpler” goes an old saying (quoted often by Einstein). Such is the nature of Shiva Sutras which present 112 techniques of meditation in 112 super-condensed verses. This is part of the Vignan Bhairava Tantra tradition.


Shiva Sutras

This is the commentary on Shiva Sutras by Acharya Rajneesh or Osho as he is popularly known. Probably the best reading you will ever come across, written with incisive wit and typical Osho humor thrown in. I have given a link to the e-book in Pdf
The Great Path (Shiva Sutras)

The Fire Yogi of Tanjore

Below is a documentary made by a westerner (American it appears) on a Yogi from Tanjore, a place in Southern India. 63 year old Yogi Rambhaudas, has complete mastery over the Fire element and uses it for healing purposes and not merely as a display for commercial or other purposes. Please watch all the parts, 4 of them, without skipping any part of the documentary to gain the most out of it..





Sufis, Sages and Saints!

One of my mentors, (Mr. Natarajan – affectionately called Natarajan Uncle or Nat Uncle by most of us) recently authored a book which explores Spirituality, Sages, Saints & Sufis and attempts to unveil the mystery over mysticism and mystics. I have had the privilege of obtaining a draft of the book closer to completion and have been asked to review the book and give feedback about it. It is for the very reason, I’m posting a pdf copy on the blog and urge you all to give it a read and give valuable comments, suggestions etc. The author’s profile is listed below:


Natarajan, 61 Author, Electronics Engineer and an ARM CHAIR Spiritualist.
After searching for close to twenty years in understanding Spiritualists, Spiritualism and the Universe, decided to sharing his learning through his wrting a book.

His earlier works were on the theme Science of Good Living….

The published works are:

Zen Stories in – Tamil
Where is God ? in Tamil
Now books ready for the press:

1. My Dear Son Part I
Forty five stories on different themes that can guide to peaceful and happy life)

Ready in Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi along with illustrations.

25 old stories with a twist and turns – retold.
Tamil and English

We were told very useful stories with messages . When we heard the stories we did not have the knowledge about the world, no messages were lost.

Now We are connecting the theme of those selected few stories to real life. So this story would be useful for both grownups as well as children/

3. Sufis, Sages and Saints!
How and Why they become one?
What powers they acquire?
What all they learn?
Can we bypass all the penance that they do and become one powerful person ourselves?
The secret of Brahma
Secrets of the Universe.
English and Tamil.

Those who have deep pockets, see a business opportunity or like serving a social cause
through assistance can chip-in to bring these books to the stand.


Aaj sunli Praveen Anahat vani!
Dupki, prem sagar main khoob mari;
Aa baras pada Amrit Jal
Dhrud, dheeraj ke bal, milega jaroor phal!

The Monk & the prostitute

Buddha was staying in Vaishali, where Amrapali lived–Amrapali was a prostitute. In Buddha’s time, in India, it was a convention that the most beautiful woman of any city will not be allowed to get married to any one person, because that will create unnecessary jealousy, conflict, fighting. So the most beautiful woman had to become nagarvadhu–the wife of the whole town.

It was not disreputable at all; on the contrary, they were very much respected. They were not ordinary prostitutes. They were only visited by the very rich, or the kings, or the princes, generals–the highest strata of society.

Amrapali was very beautiful. One day she was standing on her terrace and she saw a young Buddhist monk. She had never fallen in love with anybody, but she fell suddenly in love–a young man, but of a tremendous presence, awareness, grace. The way he was walking… She rushed down, she asked him, “After three days the rainy season is going to start…” Buddhist monks don’t move for four months when it is the rainy season. Amrapali said, “I invite you to stay in my house for the four months.”

The young monk said, “I will ask my master. If he allows me, I will come.”

The young monk came, touched the feet of Buddha and told the whole story, “She has asked me to stay for four months in her house. I have told her that I will ask my master, so I am here… whatever you say.”

Buddha looked into his eyes and said, “You can stay.”

It was a shock. Ten thousand monks… There was great silence but great anger, great jealousy. After the young man left to stay with Amrapali, the monks every day started bringing gossips, “The whole city is agog. There is only one talk–that a Buddhist monk is staying with Amrapali.”

Buddha said, “You should keep silent. I trust my monk. I have looked into his eyes–there was no desire. If I had said no, he would not have felt anything. I said yes… he simply went. And I trust in his awareness, in his meditation. Why are you getting so agitated and worried?”

After four months the young man came, touched Buddha’s feet–and following him was Amrapali, dressed as a Buddhist nun. She touched Buddha’s feet and she said, “I tried my best to seduce your monk, but he seduced me. He convinced me by his presence and awareness that the real life is at your feet.”

And Buddha said to the assembly, “Now, are you satisfied or not?” If meditation is deep, if awareness is clear, nothing can disturb it. And Amrapali became one of the enlightened women among Buddha’s disciples.

– Fwd By Natarajan Uncle


The visible, withers away over clime,
the perceived, later;
What remains is beyond time..
 why then do you falter?
And not focus your efforts on the sublime..
       – Nithyanand Praveen